Sunday, March 11, 2012

Family Portrait

We recently adopted a new family member and we needed a picture to put on the adoption website it has only taken us two almost three weeks to get the family together, all of us feeling well, dressed and happy to get a picture done. It was a beautiful day so we decided to take advantage of it! I think it turned out ok the lighting wasn't perfect but this was number 20 or so, so we went with it (hey everyone is looking at the camera, that is a big accomplishment).

Friday, March 2, 2012

December in February

Yes I am finally posting about Christmas, hooray! We were lucky enough to have my parents come down and visit over the Christmas break and let me tell you it is always fun to have company.

Christmas Eve the annual opening of the pj's.

Wonderful blankets from our Nana they are so fun!

Christmas day filled with presents, church and good food!

The Tree

The Dresses

The PJ's

and good company.

We visited the Japanese Tea Gardens, despite what the sign says. It was really fun to walk around and I bet come spring it will be even more beautiful. Not to mention that it was free!

We also did the Riverwalk because well it's just something you have to do when company comes to town. This year the girls, my mother and I decided to walk it and we really didn't realize how long it is.

I may get some comments from my parents about this picture, but I thought it was cute!
Can't wait until next year!

Friday, January 27, 2012

You May Need a Tissue

Today I held my friend and kissed her and told her what a good and faithful friend she had been to me. Often times I took her for granted and sometimes I cussed her for her mistakes, but she always was the first to forgive and she always listened to me. She put up with a lot, and took it in stride. Everyone who has met her holds her somewhere in their hearts. I held her as she drifted off to sleep today, and kissed her one last time, never to be forgotten!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do You Believe?

My Mother gave me this book a few years ago and it is always one of our favorites, this year Lizzie picked it up and read it to me!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Lizzie turned 5 in September and we have been promising her since she she was 3 that she could go to Disneyland when she turned 5. So Brian was able to get a week off and we took advantage of it! We met Brian's parents there and spent a couple days with them. My parents and my sister met up with us a couple days later. It was awesome, and we were sad to leave. We have a million pictures, so bear with me I tried to only pick the best! In no particular order . . .

The End

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yes we are skipping September,

Between Brian sleeping during the day and now Charlie is sleeping with me at night I never get time on the computer so I am skipping September for now and posting some Halloween fun for family and friends who have asked for it! We had a ton of fun Friday Trunk-or-Treat, Saturday a party at The Little Gym, and Monday another party and Trick-or-Treating what more could a couple of girls ask for? Unfortunately Brian had to work for most of it but maybe next year if we are lucky!

Trunk-or-Treat, it was actually quite chilly that day so we had to layer.

A little Mummy meatloaf to start the night off right!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


August flew by in a flash we finished up the summer with some beignets, and some BBQ. Then it was off to school. Lizzie has one more year of Preschool or rather Pre-K if you ask her, and she is loving it. She gets to ride the bus, make lots of friends, eat lunch in the cafeteria and even check out books at the library. She goes everyday from 11 till 2:30 she will be so prepared for all day kinder next year! The other day she told me she was so glad that we put her in school this year because she has so many friends! Surprisingly recess is her favorite part of school.

Just look at all the helpers he has, even River got in on the action!

Lizzie getting ready to get on her bus!

Couldn't resist the superhero picture!

In Lizzie's class this year they put together a scrap book so they all could learn a little about each other. We had some fun taking pictures of Lizzie around the house to put on her page.